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SSP & Co. is a for profit business out of  Metairie, Louisiana .  Veteran and Minority Owed . We  will have a satellite office in Hollywood, Florida and in Atlanta, Georgia .  SSP & Co. is a business that gives back to its community. Helping families  that are  in need in many ways, assistance with economic, educational and social  development.



Our purpose is to inspire, train, and connect, while serving and restoring individuals in the greatest of need. Through the development of social, economic and housing opportunities. 



Our vision reflects the opportunity we see to execute our purpose successfully, to assist individual and families in the greatest of need in  unsourced community. Where housing opportunities, business enterprises and employment opportunities exist. While our vision is assisting individuals and families it also helps the neighborhood and local businesses.

We are committed to community safety, economic stability, and wealth creation for individuals and families and the local businesses.  


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100% of all the donations are applied to any current project assisting a family, individual or animal in need.


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